Concepts: Blue

$7.00 - $10.00 From $7.00 $7.00


  • Baby Blue Microglitter
  • Baby Blue Holo - Sold Out
  • Baby Blue Holo with Glitter
  • Blue Microglitter
  • Blue Holo Shimmer - Sold Out
  • Blue Shimmer
  • Blue Shifter
  • Dark Blue Shifter - Sold Out
  • Dark Blue Holo - Sold Out
  • Blue Shimmer - Sold Out
  • Blue Holo - Sold Out

This listing is for blue color family concept bottles.  Note: this listing is for the full blue color family - meaning that you may receive anything from a neon blue to a baby blue to a cornflower/periwinkle or a vampy blue.  I cannot honor specific color requests at this time.  Each polish will be randomly selected based off of your selections in the drop down.  

How Concept Bottle Sales Work:

Concept bottles are polishes I created for customs, collaborations, or collections that I decided weren't exactly the right fit.  These are all items that were made directly in the bottle, so there might be some pigment or glitter stuck to the sides of the bottle.  The color, though, still comes out nice and even.  I do my best to clean up the neck and cap of the bottle, but there might still be some polish up in the cap.  Your bottle will come with a BEGL front label, but the bottom labels will retain their concept bottle code.  Please use the drop-downs to specify the finish you'd like to purchase.  Concepts are not eligible for discounts as they are already listed at a reduced rate.

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