How do I apply BEGL water slide decals?
  1. First, apply your polish and let it dry.  Once it has dried, wipe it with a little bit of alcohol to clean it off.  
  2. Select the decal you want to use, and cut it out as closely to the design as possible.
  3. Peel the plastic part off of the top of the image.  This may be hard to do, so I use tweezers to separate the plastic part from the paper part and pull.  Make sure that only the plastic part comes off and not the image.  You should now be left with a a slightly tacky image with a paper backing.  
  4. Take that image, select where you want to place it, and put it on your nail with the image side down touching the nail.  The blank side of the backing should be facing towards you and not your nail.
  5. Next, grab a wet paper towel, cotton ball, or wash cloth and place it on the back of the decal (the paper side) - just like you would with a temporary tattoo.  
  6. Hold the wet cloth there for 30-45 seconds until the image has transferred from the paper onto your nail.  
  7. Now, use a dry part of your cloth to blot off any excess water.  
  8. Finally, use your favorite topcoat to seal the design on your nail.