Are you currently looking for bloggers?
  • Thank you for your interest in blogging for Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers!  If you would like to blog for BEGL, I ask that you please fill out the form located here.  Make sure you sign up for the blogger only newsletter located at the bottom of the form to ensure that you receive sneak peeks and special offers only given to BEGL bloggers!
I have allergies, do you smoke or have any pets in your work-space?
  • I do not smoke, but I do have cats that I try to keep out of my work-space as much as possible.  There are times when they do sneak in, though, so please leave me a note if you have allergies so that I can ensure that your package is completely free of anything kitty related.
Do you ship internationally?
  • Yes, I ship outside of the United States.  You will receive a customs number when it ships, and you can use it as your tracking number.
How long does it typically take for you to ship?
  • Due to the addition of a new member to my little family, my current turnaround time is 7-10 business days.  After a release or restock, shipping turnaround can take up to three business weeks depending on the volume of orders.  However, I do try to ship more quickly if it's feasible.  If you need something more quickly, please email me and let me know so we can work out a different schedule and/or add in priority shipping if needed.
How long does it take to ship after a preorder?
  • If I do a preorder, it will take me between 3 and 4 weeks to ship out depending on volume.
Do you combine shipping and refund for overages?
  • Unfortunately, I am unable to combine shipping at this time.  In an effort to speed up my turn around time, I am unable to combine any shipping at this point.  If I am able to do so again in the future, I will let you know.  However, currently, it won't be an option.  Please try to purchase everything together to ensure you don't overpay for shipping.
What are Concept Bottles and what are the rules for Concept Bottle Sales?

  • Concept bottles are polishes I created for customs, collaborations, or collections that I decided weren't exactly the right fit.  These are all items that were made directly in the bottle, so there might be some pigment or glitter stuck to the sides of the bottle.  The color, though, still comes out nice and even.  I will do my best to clean up the neck and cap of the bottle, but there might still be some polish up in the cap.  Your bottle will come with a BEGL front label, but the bottom labels will retain their concept bottle code handwritten onto the label.  Please use the drop-downs to specify the finish you'd like to purchase.  Concepts are not eligible for discounts as they are already listed at a reduced rate.  LIMIT 2 CONCEPT BOTTLES PER CUSTOMER.

Is it ok if I sell items I receive to swatch?
  • Once you have the item, it's yours to do with it what you want.  I do ask, though, that if I send you an item that hasn't been released yet, please refrain from selling it until after the release date.  I also ask that you please review the item before you sell it as well.  Otherwise, go for it!  I understand that not everything works for everyone, so you don't need to let it take up space in your stash.
How does the weather affect my package?
  • Heat may cause your bottle to break, and cold may adversely affect your polish's consistency.  I recommend waiting to open your package until the temperature of the package and bottles evens out.
What should I do if I receive my order and I have a broken bottle?
  • Please contact me within 24 hours of receipt of the broken bottle at to discuss this issue.  I will need a photograph of the broken bottle before I send a replacement or refund.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide a refund or replacement if I do not receive an email with photograph within 24 hours of receipt of your bottle.  Please do not attempt to salvage any part of the polish as there may be microscopic glass shards in the polish from the broken bottle.
What does the label "Sensitive to Light" mean?
  • In this situation, I have used a pigment where I have received at least one complaint about fading.  If you receive a bottle with this warning, which will be easy to spot on the top of the cap as well as on the side of the bottle, please make sure you keep these bottles out of the light - both sunlight and artificial light.
What should I do if my bottle has separated?
  • Please make sure you shake your bottle well before using it.  It may be helpful to add a drop or two of thinner to ensure it mixes back together well.  I recommend shaking it at least 30 minutes before use so that any bubbles may dissipate before you use it.
Why does my mani have bubbles?
  • On occasion, your manicure may get bubbles.  This can be due to shaking the bottle shortly before application, applying layers that are too thick, or applying your polish in a warm and humid environment.  To remedy this issue, try to add thinner, shake with more time between application, or apply your polish in a cooler room.
What should I do if my bottle is really thick?
  • My polishes are designed to reach opacity in one to two coats.  As such, they tend to be on the thicker side.  I believe that it's easier for the customer to add thinner to get their polish to the desired consistency than to have a polish that is too runny.  If you have issues with thickness, please try to add a few drops of thinner to your bottle.  The following thinners have been used and work well with BEGLs: Wonder Beauty Liquid Velvet, Seche Restore, and Beauty Secrets from Sally's Beauty Supply.  Make sure you add thinner and shake well at least 30 minutes before application.
What do I do if my bottle has glitter or pigments that settle?
  • I use suspension base for most of my polishes, but there may be situations where there is some slight settling.  At least 30 minutes prior to application, make sure you shake your bottle well to mix together any pigment or glitters that have settled.  While you prep your mani and apply your base coat, turn the bottle upside down to allow the heavier glitters to fall to the top of the bottle, which will make getting them out a little easier.  Just before use, roll the upside down bottle between your palms to ensure that all pigments have been mixed together.
What do I do if a polish causes staining?
  • Contact me immediately at to discuss the situation.  I try to add a disclaimer to any polish where I have had any reports of staining.  Please heed these disclaimers if you know that your nails are predisposed to staining.
Are you accepting custom requests?
  • Currently, I am unable to accept requests to create customs.  I will let everyone know if that changes, but I cannot fit it into my current work schedule at the moment.
Do you ever reproduce limited editions?  Would you recreate a limited edition as a custom order?
  • For standalone and collaboration box LE's, I try not to re-release them as they're usually numbered, and it wouldn't be fair to the people who bought them originally.  For free gifts with purchase LEs, I do, on occasion, bring them back if I restock that collection or if it's a LE that works well with a new collection.  These are not numbered, so they're less likely to be one time runs.  I reserve the right to hold back any LE stock to use in giveaways or my yearly Depression Awareness Auction.  I do not recreate LEs for customs, either.
Is there a place where I can see swatches of all of the polishes you've released?
  • Yes, there sure is!  I have a Pinterest board that's still a work in progress, but it will have as many swatches as we can find for each polish.  There are several already up there, but my Pinning team is still hard at work finishing up the collections!  You can also check out my Facebook Fan Group, BEGLove, for news, updates, and photos!